I am a four sessions max veteran of therapy. I started seeing Manuel about four months ago and it has been a life changing experience. I feel like I am being granted a new way of looking at my life and experiences and choices and developing the ability to think outside of the box I have spent my life building and sound proofing. I am attaining skills and healthy coping mechanisms to help me handle my often stressful and chaotic life with grace and ease. I am learning to live in the moment, and do not feel as helpless and lost and f#%^ed up as I have for most of my days. I do not feel judged or like I am doing something wrong or not “getting it” as I have often felt in therapy. Nor am I afraid anymore of what I might find out. I now realize that I have not only the brains but the ability strength and courage to live my life. All of my relationships, including most importantly the one that I am working on with myself are changing and deepening and I am learning to communicate. And it is all within myself, but through therapy, I have a sounding board and a safe place to find these tools and express openly without judgement.

Manuel is a very talented psychotherapist. He is intuitive and insightful without being intrusive. He is supportive and respectful of one’s personal rhythm, while encouraging a rigorous honesty. There is a structure to his client work that is very supportive of getting to the core of one’s issues. And as my 12 year old son said “he is easy to talk to”.

To work with Manuel gives a fresh approach to areas of pain and avoidance. He skilfully helps shift and turn about painful experiences into new manageable ones. Where there was pain and shame now I have the opportunity for peace and fulfilment. I can move forward and choose the life I want. I have worked with Manuel for a few years now and am grateful for his generous spirit; I highly recommend working with him.

Manuel is attentive, direct and involved. He sees your whole self and treats every aspect of it with the knowledge of different disciplines; that makes him a holistic therapist. You really feel that he cares.

Manuel has, with great sensitivity and perception provided insight and direction to the issues I have been dealing with. Above all I value the way his work draws definition from, and a relationship to spiritual values which makes his contribution a truly wise one.

Mr. Manuel I Salgado has supported me in a phase of my life after many an anchoring point had failed. His ability to stand by my side and caringly shed new light onto my disintegrating world created a new foundation. He revealed to me that he knew that life is based on a clear understanding of the human psyche. Working with Manuel has given me the assurance that the therapist is not a stagnant figure of ‘learned authority’ but a searcher himself. Manuel could show me in detail that a human being is more than the many inexplicable parts that have found themselves together in a human body – nothing happens by chance. This struggling person, the ensouled and inspired higher being, representing the patient in transition, knows rather well what he or she needs. Manuel, therefore, has shown me with great accuracy how he is guiding the patient to heal himself – and not with the help of chemical substances or any other outside authority. The patient can do it himself, given the time. And it is exactly this time factor that Manuel is introducing to the seeker of transformation. He brings it about with measured patience which needs to be taken into the healing process. Millions of ailing seekers (at times called: patients) have lost their ability to connect with this earth, speeding along an incarnation highway without being aware of the greater picture. It is a profound experience to witness the clarity that is the structure of Manuel’s healing abilities, bringing about lasting change.

 Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten     Neil Gaiman

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