I have designed these workshops to be delivered in eight hours and can be accommodated in one, two or four sessions; introductory one hour presentations are available for each one of them.

Effective Communication: To be able to communicate in a way that the messages that we are giving and receiving are relayed and interpreted effectively, is a life skill that can always be improved. The fact is that our communication is often impaired by “noise” which brings about misunderstandings and wrong interpretations with the consequent undesired results. In this workshop you will deepen your knowledge of the different elements that comprise our communication and develop an understanding of the fundamental factors that weaken it, acquiring the tools that will help you communicate successfully.

Stress Management: At the speed in which we live our lives in the present day, we are exposed to a number of factors that produce stress: health, environment, society, career, family, school and finances, to name a few.  And although stress is our organisms’ natural response to adjust to our ever demanding surroundings – and therefore is much needed – once it goes over certain limits, it affects our physical and mental well-being, our relationships and our performance at study and work. Fortunately, there are many actions that we can take to avoid that; in this workshop, you will learn to identify the events and situations that produce stress, as well as the strategies and tools that can be used to be proactive in keeping those stress levels in check.

The Cycle of Experience: As living organisms, we are immersed in a natural cycle, a constant quest for balance; every day we must interact and negotiate with our ever changing environment the satisfaction of our needs. Whether these needs are of a physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual nature, they are all claiming – with diverse degrees of urgency – to be met. Now, this natural cycle has eight phases and each one of them has intrinsically a potential blockage that can interfere with the completion of this cycle: the satisfaction of our needs. This workshop will provide you in a simple, practical and user friendly way with the keys to remove these blockages and obtain the balance that you want to have.

The Four Temperaments: There is more to the person than what meets the eye. Character and personality are some of the words that can be used to name the temperament, that which is shared by entire groups of people and lies between general human nature and what each person is individually. In this workshop, you will become aware of your own and learn the steps to identify the temperament of others, with the purpose of improving your interpersonal relationships.

The Thread of Life: In studying a biography we can come to an understanding of how and why a person came to be what it is; in it we find patterns, rhythms, repetitions and connections between different stages of a person’s development. This workshop will provide you with the necessary elements to look at your own biography under a new light, allowing you to discover volumes of incredibly useful information for your personal growth today

 Coping with Grief and Loss: Our personal, family and collective stories, within the tales they tell, narrate our experiences of gains and losses. Losses, by their nature, are in general a lot harder to undertake and assimilate than gains; the more significant the loss, the deeper the grief will be. Grieving is an individual process but it is natural to have feelings of sadness, guilt, anger and fear; physical symptoms are also a part of it. Gradually, the intensity with which we experience these feelings begins to fade, but sometimes it happens that a complicated grief or a clinical depression set in. This workshop will help you to understand the grieving process and will enable you to distinguish when it is evolving into something else.

A community is the mental and spiritual condition of knowing that the place is shared, and that the people who share the place define and limit the possibilities of each other’s lives. It is the knowledge that people have of each other, their concern for each other, their trust in each other, the freedom with which they come and go among themselves.      Wendell Berry

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